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Russia, formally known as the Russian Federation, is situated in Eastern Europe, a subregion of the region Europe. Its capital city is Moscow. Russia is identified by various country codes. The ISO 3166-1-Alpha-2 code, commonly referred to as the 2-letter country code for Russia, is RU, while the ISO 3166-1-Alpha-3 code, known as the 3-letter country code, is RUS. Similarly, the ISO 3166-1 numeric code for Russia is 643. When connecting via phone, the dialing code for Russia is +7, which is essential for initiating calls to phone numbers in Russia. Online, websites in Russia are distinguished by the top-level domain (TLD) .ru, indicating their geographic origin. The currency utilized in Russia is the Russian Ruble, denoted by the currency alphabetic code RUB. Commonly known as the Russian Ruble, it is the primary currency for transactions within the country.

For a comprehensive reference encompassing major country codes, currency codes, and timezones relevant to Russia, please refer the tables below:

Country details

Formal namethe Russian Federation
Sub regionEastern Europe

ISO Codes

ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2RU
ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3RUS
ISO 3166-1 Numeric643

Dialing Code

Dialing code+7

Other Country Codes

Top Level
License plate codeRUS
UN m49 code643
GAUL code204
MARC coderu
WMO codeRS
EDGAR code1Z
GS1 GTIN code460-469

Currency Codes

CurencyAlphabetic codeNumeric code
Russian RubleRUB643


TimezoneOffset UTCOffset DSTTime
Asia / Anadyr+12:00+12:00
Asia / Barnaul+07:00+07:00
Asia / Chita+09:00+09:00
Asia / Irkutsk+08:00+08:00
Asia / Kamchatka+12:00+12:00
Asia / Khandyga+09:00+09:00
Asia / Krasnoyarsk+07:00+07:00
Asia / Magadan+11:00+11:00
Asia / Novokuznetsk+07:00+07:00
Asia / Novosibirsk+07:00+07:00
Asia / Omsk+06:00+06:00
Asia / Sakhalin+11:00+11:00
Asia / Srednekolymsk+11:00+11:00
Asia / Tomsk+07:00+07:00
Asia / Ust-Nera+10:00+10:00
Asia / Vladivostok+10:00+10:00
Asia / Yakutsk+09:00+09:00
Asia / Yekaterinburg+05:00+05:00
Europe / Astrakhan+04:00+04:00
Europe / Kaliningrad+02:00+02:00
Europe / Kirov+03:00+03:00
Europe / Moscow+03:00+03:00
Europe / Samara+04:00+04:00
Europe / Saratov+04:00+04:00
Europe / Simferopol+03:00+03:00
Europe / Ulyanovsk+04:00+04:00
Europe / Volgograd+03:00+03:00

Neighbouring countries

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ISO 3166-2 Codes

Subdivision nameSubdivision categoryISO Code
Adygeja, RespublikarepublicRU-AD
Adygeya, RespublikarepublicRU-AD
Altaj, RespublikarepublicRU-AL
Altajskij krajadministrative territoryRU-ALT
Altay, RespublikarepublicRU-AL
Altayskiy krayadministrative territoryRU-ALT
Amurskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-AMU
Amurskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-AMU
Arhangel'skaja oblast'administrative regionRU-ARK
Arkhangel'skaya oblast'administrative regionRU-ARK
Astrahanskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-AST
Astrakhanskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-AST
Bashkortostan, RespublikarepublicRU-BA
Baškortostan, RespublikarepublicRU-BA
Belgorodskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-BEL
Belgorodskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-BEL
Brjanskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-BRY
Bryanskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-BRY
Burjatija, RespublikarepublicRU-BU
Buryatiya, RespublikarepublicRU-BU
Chechenskaya RespublikarepublicRU-CE
Chelyabinskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-CHE
Chukotskiy avtonomnyy okrugautonomous districtRU-CHU
Chuvashskaya RespublikarepublicRU-CU
Dagestan, RespublikarepublicRU-DA
Dagestan, RespublikarepublicRU-DA
Evrejskaja avtonomnaja oblast'autonomous regionRU-YEV
Habarovskij krajadministrative territoryRU-KHA
Hakasija, RespublikarepublicRU-KK
Hanty-Mansijskij avtonomnyj okrug (Jugra)autonomous districtRU-KHM
Ingushetiya, RespublikarepublicRU-IN
Ingušetija, RespublikarepublicRU-IN
Irkutskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-IRK
Irkutskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-IRK
Ivanovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-IVA
Ivanovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-IVA
Jamalo-Neneckij avtonomnyj okrugautonomous districtRU-YAN
Jaroslavskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-YAR
Kabardino-Balkarskaja RespublikarepublicRU-KB
Kabardino-Balkarskaya RespublikarepublicRU-KB
Kaliningradskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-KGD
Kaliningradskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-KGD
Kalmykija, RespublikarepublicRU-KL
Kalmykiya, RespublikarepublicRU-KL
Kaluzhskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-KLU
Kalužskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-KLU
Kamchatskiy krayadministrative territoryRU-KAM
Kamčatskij krajadministrative territoryRU-KAM
Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya RespublikarepublicRU-KC
Karačaevo-Čerkesskaja RespublikarepublicRU-KC
Karelija, RespublikarepublicRU-KR
Kareliya, RespublikarepublicRU-KR
Kemerovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-KEM
Kemerovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-KEM
Khabarovskiy krayadministrative territoryRU-KHA
Khakasiya, RespublikarepublicRU-KK
Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug (Yugra)autonomous districtRU-KHM
Kirovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-KIR
Kirovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-KIR
Komi, RespublikarepublicRU-KO
Komi, RespublikarepublicRU-KO
Kostromskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-KOS
Kostromskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-KOS
Krasnodarskij krajadministrative territoryRU-KDA
Krasnodarskiy krayadministrative territoryRU-KDA
Krasnojarskij krajadministrative territoryRU-KYA
Krasnoyarskiy krayadministrative territoryRU-KYA
Kurganskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-KGN
Kurganskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-KGN
Kurskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-KRS
Kurskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-KRS
Leningradskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-LEN
Leningradskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-LEN
Lipeckaja oblast'administrative regionRU-LIP
Lipetskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-LIP
Magadanskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-MAG
Magadanskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-MAG
Marij Èl, RespublikarepublicRU-ME
Mariy El, RespublikarepublicRU-ME
Mordovija, RespublikarepublicRU-MO
Mordoviya, RespublikarepublicRU-MO
Moskovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-MOS
Moskovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-MOS
Moskvaautonomous cityRU-MOW
Moskvaautonomous cityRU-MOW
Murmanskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-MUR
Murmanskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-MUR
Neneckij avtonomnyj okrugautonomous districtRU-NEN
Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrugautonomous districtRU-NEN
Nizhegorodskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-NIZ
Nižegorodskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-NIZ
Novgorodskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-NGR
Novgorodskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-NGR
Novosibirskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-NVS
Novosibirskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-NVS
Omskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-OMS
Omskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-OMS
Orenburgskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-ORE
Orenburgskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-ORE
Orlovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-ORL
Orlovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-ORL
Penzenskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-PNZ
Penzenskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-PNZ
Permskij krajadministrative territoryRU-PER
Permskiy krayadministrative territoryRU-PER
Primorskij krajadministrative territoryRU-PRI
Primorskiy krayadministrative territoryRU-PRI
Pskovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-PSK
Pskovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-PSK
Rjazanskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-RYA
Rostovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-ROS
Rostovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-ROS
Ryazanskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-RYA
Saha, Respublika (Jakutija)republicRU-SA
Sahalinskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-SAK
Sakha, Respublika (Yakutiya)republicRU-SA
Sakhalinskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-SAK
Samarskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-SAM
Samarskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-SAM
Sankt-Peterburgautonomous cityRU-SPE
Sankt-Peterburgautonomous cityRU-SPE
Saratovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-SAR
Saratovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-SAR
Severnaja Osetija, Respublika (Alanija [Respublika Severnaja Osetija-Alanija])republicRU-SE
Severnaya Osetiya, Respublika (Alaniya [Respublika Severnaya Osetiya Alaniya])republicRU-SE
Smolenskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-SMO
Smolenskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-SMO
Stavropol'skij krajadministrative territoryRU-STA
Stavropol'skiy krayadministrative territoryRU-STA
Sverdlovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-SVE
Sverdlovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-SVE
Tambovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-TAM
Tambovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-TAM
Tatarstan, RespublikarepublicRU-TA
Tatarstan, RespublikarepublicRU-TA
Tjumenskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-TYU
Tomskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-TOM
Tomskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-TOM
Tul'skaja oblast'administrative regionRU-TUL
Tul'skaya oblast'administrative regionRU-TUL
Tverskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-TVE
Tverskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-TVE
Tyumenskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-TYU
Tyva, Respublika (Tuva)republicRU-TY
Tyva, Respublika (Tuva)republicRU-TY
Udmurtskaja RespublikarepublicRU-UD
Udmurtskaya RespublikarepublicRU-UD
Ul'janovskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-ULY
Ul'yanovskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-ULY
Vladimirskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-VLA
Vladimirskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-VLA
Volgogradskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-VGG
Volgogradskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-VGG
Vologodskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-VLG
Vologodskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-VLG
Voronezhskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-VOR
Voronežskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-VOR
Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrugautonomous districtRU-YAN
Yaroslavskaya oblast'administrative regionRU-YAR
Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast'autonomous regionRU-YEV
Zabajkal'skij krajadministrative territoryRU-ZAB
Zabaykal'skiy krayadministrative territoryRU-ZAB
Čeljabinskaja oblast'administrative regionRU-CHE
Čečenskaja RespublikarepublicRU-CE
Čukotskij avtonomnyj okrugautonomous districtRU-CHU
Čuvašskaja RespublikarepublicRU-CU



Russia is situated in Eastern Europe, which is a subregion of the continent of Europe.

Moscow serves as the capital of Russia.

The ISO 3166-1-Alpha-2, or two-letter country code, for Russia is RU, while the ISO 3166-1-Alpha-3, or three-letter country code, is RUS, and the ISO 3166-1 numeric code is 643. ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, is a global federation of national standards bodies.

The dialing code for Russia is +7.

The top-level domain (TLD) for Russia-specific internet addresses ends with .ru.

The currency code of Russia includes the currency alphabetic code RUB and the currency numeric code 643. The currency is referred to as the Russian Ruble. ISO 4217 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization, defining alpha codes and numeric codes for representing currencies and providing information about the relationships between individual currencies and their minor units.

The license plate code for Russia is RUS.

The UN M49 code for Russia is 643. UN M49, or the Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use, is a standard used by the United Nations for statistical purposes.

The GAUL code for Russia is 204. GAUL, or the Global Administrative Unit Layers, is a spatial database of administrative units for all countries worldwide. It is a project of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The MARC code for Russia is ru. MARC, or machine-readable cataloging standards, are a set of digital formats for describing items cataloged by libraries, such as books, DVDs, and digital resources.

The FIPS code for Russia is RS. FIPS, or Federal Information Processing Standards, are publicly announced standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for use in computer systems by non-military American government agencies and government contractors.

The WMO code for Russia is RS. WMO, or the World Meteorological Organization, is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for promoting international cooperation on atmospheric science, climatology, hydrology, and geophysics.

The IOC code for Russia is RUS. The International Olympic Committee uses three-letter abbreviation country codes to refer to each group of athletes that participate in the Olympic Games. Each geocode usually identifies a National Olympic Committee.

The EDGAR code for Russia is 1Z. EDGAR, or the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The FIFA code for Russia is RUS. FIFA, or Fédration Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football), assigns a three-letter country code to each of its member and non-member countries as name abbreviations for countries and dependent areas in official competitions.

The GS1 GTIN code for Russia is 460-469. GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit, international organization developing and maintaining standards, including barcodes. The most well-known of these standards is the barcode, a symbol printed on products that can be electronically scanned.